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Training Breakdown

Sell More Through Cross-Selling

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This 9-week virtual classroom course will bring more cross-selling skills to your sales team. Broken into digestible modules, your sales team will learn how to enhance their current sales conversations to cover a wider variety of topics and have your customers interested in more of your services and product offerings. See your sales revenue significantly increase without having to constantly prospect new clients!

Topics Covered

  1. Incorporate the power of story
  2. Active listening skills
  3. Create empathy with the prospect
  4. Cross-selling skills
  5. Set up credibility & build rapport
  6. Create need to change
  7. Lead qualify quickly
  8. Dealing with price-sensitivity & commoditization
  9. Working with difficult clients

Training Duration

Virtual Classroom training takes place for 9 weeks. Each 90-minute classroom requires a minimum of one-hour of homework to be completed before each class.


  • Participation in the course is mandatory and each student will be assessed based on their contribution efforts to each class.
  • Homework assignments are to be submitted before each class and will be given a complete or incomplete grade.
  • At the end of the session, each student will be required to pass a multiple choice exam to receive.

Instructor, Kim Orlesky

Kim is The Leading Sales Coach, Success Magazine’s most inspirational blogger, LeadFuze’s most influential sales leader, and soon to be a three-time author. She continues to expand her presence with international speaking, including being invited to speak Hubspot’s Inbound alongside Elizabeth Gilbert, BrenĂ© Brown, and Michelle Obama. Kim’s courageousness to quit her life and backpack solo around the world inspired her to use her mastery in sales to help sales professionals and entrepreneurs make communication shifts that lead to stronger relationships and more revenue.